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a. Submission

When you submit a manuscript to International Journal of PharmaO2, we will take it to imply that the manuscript has not already been published or submitted elsewhere.

If similar or related work has been published or submitted elsewhere, then you must provide a copy with the submitted manuscript.

You may not submit your manuscript elsewhere while it is under consideration at International Journal of PharmaO2.

b. Plagiarism

Journal is strongly committed to preventing plagiarism in its published work.

Authors must guarantee that the submitted manuscript is original and plagiarism free.

Submitted manuscript initially to be screened with plagiarism check software. Available at The manuscript which shows very high plagiarism will be rechecked with software and if consistently found very high, the manuscript will be rejected.

c. Authorship

Contributors should meet the authorship criteria like conception and design, acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation of the manuscript etc.

Non-contributory authorship is a violation of publication ethics.

Copyright Transfer form’ to be submitted by the contributors, whenever asks to submit by International Journal of PharmaO2.